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Our goal is to give your child the most comfortable and fearless treatment possible. With over 100 years of accumulative service in the medical and dental industry. We pride ourselves in advancing not only our technical skills but the interpersonal aspects of patient care as well.

Dental Care ” While Sleeping”

We provide both an anesthesia team and a dental team for your child’s care. Our dual team approach includes an anesthesiologist who regulates your child’s safe, comfortable sleep, and a dentist who completes the dental care in an efficient, professional manner. Picture two doctors working simultaneously for the benefit of your child. That’s the Children 1st difference!

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To learn more about children’s dentistry or schedule a consultation at one of our offices, please call (855) 422-0224.

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When Extraction is the Only Option

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For children who are…

  • Age 2 – 12
  • Allergic to local anesthetic
  • Dental Phobic (Fearful)
  • Require Medical Supervision
  • Special Needs or Circumstances

As our name suggests we put “Children 1st” when recommending or providing dental care. You can take comfort in knowing our physicians, dentists, nurses and assistants are dedicated to your child’s safety and care.

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