Sedation Makes Sense for Young Patients

sedation dentistryIf you are an adult who experiences dental anxiety, chances are you can remember a time in your childhood when a dental visit was highly unpleasant. Let’s be honest, dental care can be scary for a young child. If early dental care is not handled appropriately, the child is left to suffer through her fears without aid. Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center has been established because we understand the lasting effects early dental visits will have on a child’s life. We can think of no better way to support young patients in lifelong oral health than to give them no reason to fear dentistry.

In recent years, we have been hearing a lot more about sedation dentistry. The common assumption is that this modality is only suitable for adults. While there is merit in any adult patient mitigating their fears with dental sedation, we cannot forget that our young patients are being subjected to unfamiliar faces and settings when they enter the dental office. Sedation can be just as beneficial for a child, if not more so, than for the adult who has a hard time sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Imagine a New Story

Imagine that you could take your child into the dental office for routine care or for restorative treatment without fear – without tears. Imagine your child lying comfortably in the treatment chair, observed by not only an experienced dentist, but also a medical team with specific training in sedation techniques. Imagine seeing your child after the completion of treatment, and realizing that they have no recollection of their procedure. This is the norm in our offices, which is why dentists and parents choose us to treat children who:

  • Already fear seeing the dentist
  • Have never seen the dentist
  • Are allergic or resistant to local anesthetic
  • Have special needs
  • Have a difficult time sitting still

How Sedation Works

There are several forms of sedation used in dentistry today. The techniques may vary, but the end result is the same. A sedative medication works on the central nervous system. Within a few short minutes of administration, a patient loses all sense of fear and anxiety. These feelings are replaced with peace of mind. Most of our patients fall asleep, and remain in peaceful slumber until we complete care. Under sedation, there is no sense of time, sound, or smell, so there are no lingering sensations for a child to fear.

Early dental experiences are important for every child. To learn more about our services in Houston, Grand Prairie, and Mesquite, call (855) 422-0224 .



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