Crowns for Kids Restore Function and Aesthetics

Crowns for Kids Restore Function and Aesthetics | Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center TXHistorically, severe dental problems in children have been treated with stainless steel crowns. Dentists didn’t have many if any, other options for some time. Recently, though, pediatric dentistry has been fortunate to evolve into a new era of form and function. Why would there be a need for another option? Because, while structural support is the primary objective of a crown, there is also the matter of appearance. Children cannot hide the appearance of a metal crown any better than an adult can, and this can create problems with self-esteem.

Crowns for kids should offer durability as well as high quality and a nice appearance, and this has been made possible by NuSmile crowns. Used since 1991, NuSmile crowns reinstate the form and the appearance a child deserves. Stainless steel crowns are also an option for the restoration of posterior teeth, though parents may choose the zirconia ceramic crown for this area, too. It’s all about options, even when it is baby teeth that require coverage.

It’s not Just About the Look

We can understand why spending more on an aesthetic crown for a child may seem excessive (except when you look at their emotional well-being). Another benefit of the NuSmile crown is its fit, and the fit is everything. When a crown does not have superior margins around the gum line, there is a chance that bacteria could sneak beneath the structure and cause more damage.

Durability is another valuable aspect of successful crown treatment. Stainless steel crowns are largely revered for their strength, if not for their appearance. With several style options, NuSmile crowns meet this need for appropriate contouring from the get-go, meaning less time in the chair for shaping.

Why Crowns are Needed

The good news is that crown treatment in children is a last-resort type of approach. Crowns are typically necessary when a tooth has been badly damaged. With early intervention, decay can be stopped before it eats away a substantially amount of enamel. Fillings are the first-line repair that we use for our patients. We know they prefer it, and we do too because it means they have a good amount of natural tooth structure in place!

If your child requires care beyond a filling, don’t worry. Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center has been established with comfort in mind. Contact us in Dallas – Fort Worth or Houston.

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