Do Your Child’s Snacks Create a Cavity Risk?

child’s dental servicers Mesquite, TXParenting is a tough job! Between juggling busy school and social calendars to lending an ear when needed, parents may find it hard to find time to think of the little details of health and wellness. Try as you might, there may be short-comings. This is a part of parenting. Don’t be too hard on yourself. What we want to discuss here is how certain snacks may pack a punch that knocks out a healthy smile.

Fruit Juices

There are numerous varieties of fruit juices packaged perfectly to fit into that lunch box. And what child wants to show up with water day after day? We can understand the consumption of healthy-looking beverage choices but want to point out that there are some varieties of fruit juice that have more sugar than soda. Processed fruit juices are depleted of their fiber, which leaves behind merely water and sugar, and some then add sugar to make the product more appealing. Alternative: Parents who want to minimize the sugar their children consume can consider making a fresh batch of “lemonade” for school lunches and snack-time. Just a bit of fresh lemon is needed in a glass of water, which can then be sweetened with stevia instead of sugar.

Starchy Snacks

Crackers and chips may seem like a nice alternative to cookies, but these foods tend to be quite starchy. That means sticky when the food is consumed. Starch sticks around long after that cracker has gone down the hatch, and that starch feeds bacteria. Bacteria that are powered by starch and sugar attack teeth, eroding enamel and causing cavities. Alternative: Celery and peanut butter is a snack many children love, and it is one that gently cleans the mouth with its crunchiness and high water content.

Fruit Packs

Packaged fruits like peaches and fruit cocktail may get the sweetness from the syrup. That may feel scrumptious, but it can be a scary cavity-causer. Alternative: Fortunately, there are options that don’t have to take you far off the beaten path. Look for packaged fruits that are sweetened by their juices; which have no added sugars. Better alternative: pack fresh, crunchy apple slices with a slight squeeze of lemon juice to prevent browning.

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Healthy snacks do a body good, and so does routine dental care. For friendly service that focuses on giving children a pleasant dental experience, call Children 1st at (855) 422-0224.

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