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Calcium and Your Child’s Oral Health | Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center | Mesquite, TX

Calcium and Your Child’s Oral Health

Calcium is a mineral that we often associate with strong bones. Often, we don’t give much thought to whether or not we, or our children, are getting enough of this powerful resource. When we’re serving milk and other products that are enriched with vitamin D, it’s easy to believe that there is plenty of bone-strength …. Read More »

Extraction TX

When Extraction is the Only Option

At Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center, we understand the desire to save every last baby tooth possible. Yes, these teeth will fall out at some point. However, it is ideal that they fall out in their own time, not as a result of dental disease. Prioritizing preventive care and early treatment, it is our hope …. Read More »

Pediatric Dental Care TX

Long-Term Benefits from Pediatric Dental Care

Parents invest in their children’s future in some different ways. Money may be set aside for college. Time may be invested teaching children to read and write and speak different languages. Most people do not immediately recognize dental care as an investment into the future. The teeth that we so lovingly care for are going …. Read More »

Sealants TX

In Praise of Dental Sealants

Parents take care of their own teeth as best they can by brushing and flossing every day. On top of self-care, parents also fill in for their children in the area of oral care and so much more. Making sure that children do not suffer the pain of cavities can be a big task, even …. Read More »

Gum Health: It Matters for Children, Too! | Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center | Houston, TX

Gum Health Matters for Children, Too!

Most parents realize that it is important to begin oral care early in the life of their children. But just what does that mean? We often discuss the benefits of brushing and flossing and healthy eating habits for children, but there is more to it than that. It takes a bit of know-how to keep …. Read More »

Dental Milestones your Child will Reach

Children are in a constant state of development; so much so that parents can sometimes lose track of what comes next or what happened last. When it comes to oral health, these developments are important to assess from time to time. A watchful eye over certain milestones can keep you alert to the needs your …. Read More »

Sedation Dentistry For An Autistic Child

It is important that every child has a good, knowledgeable, and compassionate dentist. Without key elements like patience for the unique fears and needs children have, a dentist is likely to leave a negative mark on the developing psyche. We want children to have the best first impression of dentistry possible! That is why Children …. Read More »

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