When Kids Fall Prey to the Daily Grind | Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center | Houston, TX

When Kids Fall Prey to the Daily Grind

“The daily grind.” It’s a phrase we often hear uttered by adults; a simple and powerful message about the day to day life many leads. There is another connotation that may be made by this term, though, and it pertains to the mouth. Perhaps a better way to explain the issue of bruxism would be …. Read More »

Crowns for Kids Restore Function and Aesthetics | Children 1st Dental & Surgery Center TX

Crowns for Kids Restore Function and Aesthetics

Historically, severe dental problems in children have been treated with stainless steel crowns. Dentists didn’t have many if any, other options for some time. Recently, though, pediatric dentistry has been fortunate to evolve into a new era of form and function. Why would there be a need for another option? Because, while structural support is …. Read More »

Dental Milestones your Child will Reach

Children are in a constant state of development; so much so that parents can sometimes lose track of what comes next or what happened last. When it comes to oral health, these developments are important to assess from time to time. A watchful eye over certain milestones can keep you alert to the needs your …. Read More »

Sedation Dentistry For The Autistic Child

It is important that every child has a good, knowledgeable, and compassionate dentist. Without key elements like patience for the unique fears and needs children have, a dentist is likely to leave a negative mark on the developing psyche. We want children to have the best first impression of dentistry possible! That is why Children …. Read More »

It Pays To Look At Habits

Habits. They are probably the leading topic of discussion in a pediatric dental practice. There is the good reason to stay up on the development of good habits. Doing so leads your child into a brighter dental future! The fewer dental problems that occur in childhood, the better a maturing individual will feel about seeing …. Read More »

Why so Many Cavities? | Dallas Houston TX

Why so Many Cavities?

When you spend a good amount of time and effort in the area of oral health, seeing your child struggle with tooth decay can be more than frustrating. We have all been told time and time again that cavities can be prevented – and they can! Although sometimes extra attention is needed. Consider these hidden factors …. Read More »

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